One of the iconic weapons used by a superhero is most definitely Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Well what happens when you take it and add electro magnets and a finger print scanner to it? Well you get a hammer which only you or the person with finger print is worthy of lifting. Thanks to Sufficiently Advanced on YouTube we get to see it in action not mention seeing people fail on lifting it.

But how does it work? Well this trick actually goes back to the early 1800’s by Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin . The amount of tricks he invented was extensive, but his most remarkable one was the Light and Heavy Chest. He took advantage of the infancy of the usage of electricity, especially the then-novelty of Hans Christian Oersted’s discovery of electromagnetism, to his advantage. Robert-Houdin brought on a small wooden box about a foot wide. He said that he had found a way to protect it from thieves. He asked a spectator to lift it, usually a small child. The child lifted it with ease. Then, he brought an adult male up from the audience and asked ‘him’ to lift the same box. The adult male was unable to lift the box.

Many variations of this trick are around but for this geek this one is simply amazing! :Magic fingers:


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