Seth Rogen’s R rated animated Sausage Party sure looked promising from the trailer.  Good solid voice talent who’ve worked together NUMEROUS times, albeit some misses in there. And there is no doubt in my mind there is a huge audience out there who will LOVE this film, it just wasn’t for me.

Sausage Party is like Toy Story, but instead of children’s playthings coming to life, it’s food. Really vulgar food that lives in a grocery store and greets each morning singing a hymn to the Great Gods (humans). And also children should never ever EVER see this film.  The causal utterances of ‘bad words’

The pack of fancy dogs and glamour buns

Seth Rogen voices Frank, a hotdog, who shares a pack with short ‘deformed’ link Barry, voiced by Michael Cerra.  Frank’s girlfriend Brenda (Kristen Wiig) lives in the neighboring package of glamour buns, and their life’s goal is to slip Frank’s meat inside Brenda’s soft bun.  No, I’m not making that up.  The innuendos aren’t veiled in anything but crass motions and language, food having sex is one of the main themes of the film.  There is even a massive orgy at the end.

Anyhow, back to the food in general.  Once they are chosen by the Great Gods, the foods believe they will be honored and loved, “and nothing bad will ever happen”.  Needless to say, the bags of groceries brought home are in for a rude awakening.  Like this poor potato.

The spud of nightmares.

Barry manages to escape the house of horrors and sneak into a grocery store bag, hoping it’d take him back to his ‘home’.  He ends up in the house of a ‘druggie’ (no really, that’s the character’s name, and he’s voiced by James Franco) who preps and injects some bath salts to pass the time.  The salts cause severe hallucinations, and allow Druggie to see and hear his food.  Needless to say, this causes some SHIT, and I won’t ruin what happens to Druggie for you.


Also there are HEAVILY racist things.  If you are easily offended, don’t see Sausage Party.  We’ve got Kareem Abdul Lavage, voiced by David Krumholtz, who spends the majority of his screentime pining for the 72 bottles of extra virgin olive oil he’ll get in the afterlife.  He also HATES with a passion his shelf neighbor, Sammy Bagel Jr, voiced by Edward Norton doing his best Woody Allen impression. There is ALSO the Krauts, lead by an angry Hitler-esque bottle who wants to ‘exterminate all the Juice”.  Yeah.  So, be warned about that.  Oh, and Salma Hayek plays a lesbian taco named Teresa del Taco who wants to get busy with Brenda.

The main villain of the film is a douche.  Yes, an ACTUAL feminine hygiene product who’s sole purpose is to “get up in that”.  He gets cheated out of being purchased, unintentionally by Frank, and so Douche’s mission becomes revenge upon the sausage and his bun.  Douche’s plastic gets cracked, his nozzle gets bent, and so he sucks a juice box dry in order to ‘pump himself up’.  He does this a few times, and subsequently becomes an even bigger jerk and lodges himself in the rectum of the main store employee at the climax.

There really wasn’t anything I found humorous about the film, it was like a poor imitation of what Matt and Trey of South Park have done better than anyone else for years; making offensive material funny by cleverly writing words, concepts, and song lyrics.  Sausage Party isn’t what *I* personally would call clever, and I absolutely loved Rogen’s This is the End and of course, Paul.

SCORE:  3.5 OUT OF 10viewed in standard, would NOT see again.

There will be a HUGE audience for this film, and I expect it to do marginally better when it leaves theaters and hits VOD/Blu-Ray.  Sausage Party opens worldwide in theaters on Friday, August 12th.


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