If you’ve been keeping up with ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., then you know it was revealed in late January we would be seeing both Deathlok and Loreli appearing in future episodes of the series.  What you may not have heard was that Generalissimo Stan Lee would also be making a cameo as, well, himself!

The 13th episode of this freshman series (which has been picked up for the full 22 episode season) titled “T.R.A.C.K.S.” centers around a normal Whedonesque premise, a train heist.  This one just happens to be speeding through the picturesque Italian countryside, and the prize being a case of Cybertek goodies.  (You may recall this being the company that badie Ian Quinn had some dealings with.)

If you’ve been waiting for more action on the side of Agent Melinda May, her  leather body suit wearing ass kicking half way through the episode will be right up your alley.  Without too many spoilers, they took a chance this week with Lost inspired time jumps and quite possibly mortally wounding one of the main characters.  Not that they haven’t done that before, but this time it was unexpected, and hopefully we’ll see it turn out alright in the grand scheme of things.   There are moments of buddy-buddy hilarity with Agents Ward and Coulson using the Stark-tech hologram table, which diverge into a more personal mode regarding Ward’s relationship with May.

Your big reveal for the episode is the first glimpse of the cybernetic leg, complete with the name of the new character revealed.

The series will be on hiatus until after the Olympics returning on March 3rd.

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