I’ve been waiting for Versus Valerie for a while, it’s a 12 part webseries based on a webseries called Sexy Nerd Girl which I’ve been following for a couple of years now. The idea was to create a character who was interactive with the audience via twitter, facebook, blogs and of course the webseries itself which is presented as a vlog.

The Sexy Nerd Girl series is pretty much a first person narrative but Versus Valerie is a full on production with costumes and props and special effects and… you know what, just watch the gorram trailer, will you?

Full disclosure: I did some background extra work on this– and I got to meet Mark Meer who voices Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect series! Cool beans!

The production quality on this is amazing for a webseries and I can’t wait for the next episode! Episode one is embedded below and new episodes are every other week.

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  • BIO >> Danny is the writer/artist for Aggressive Comix Presents: DeadPixel! He also drinks enough coffee to bleed decaf.
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