Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will return to the small screen TOMORROW to reprise their roles as April and Fin for the third installment of Sharknado. This independent sci-fi franchise has taken social media by storm for three summers in a row, securing its status as a smash TV hit! Director Anthony Ferrante dove right into working on the next one shortly after the first premiered. Sharknado 2 was packed with celebrity cameos and judging by the IMDB for the third installment, the cast on the third should not disappoint! Be sure to check out the teaser trailer:

sharknado_pop01__scaled_600-1The success of Sharknado has also spawned some amazing merchandise and collectibles. POP! figures by Funko featured a Sharknado and this month’s Archie features the crew battling the Sharknado. Be sure to tune in to SyFy network at 9pm (Eastern) on Wednesday July 22nd to witness for yourself. Pretty Poison will be live tweeting Sharknado 3: OH HELL NO!  during a Twitter takeover of the Aggressive Comix account. Be sure to join us and use the hashtag #Sharknado3




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