Book those flights and get your best cosplay ready! Six Flags’s Fiesta Texas location in San Antonio will be unveiling the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster spring 2018.

The coaster will be the first single-rail coaster (since one which operated in the now closed Hard Rock Park) and features a 90-degree drop and 3 inversions.

Six Flags VP and chief corporate engineer Larry Chickola said in an interview with USA Today, “”I expect it to be crazy smooth. And crazy fun. There will be extremely quick twists and turns – quicker and smoother than regular coasters.”

Due to riding on two rails and the possibility for misalignment, most traditional, wooden coasters are known for being bumpy and tossing you around. But because Wonder Woman will be on a singular rail, which makes it much tougher for things to get out of sync.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso climbs a 113-foot hill, then drops 100 feet straight down at speeds of 52 mph.

As pictured in the above image, the coaster’s lack of lattice timber support system makes it look almost ribbon-like with steel supported beams.

Another enticing perk of the ride is singular seating. All eight passengers will have their own unique view as they zoom along, not being bumped or bothered by a passenger beside them. The track will also be out of view during the ride, giving you the sensation of flying.

Wonder Woman Golden Lasso will be joining the ranks of already operating Batman and Superman riders at the park in San Antonio.

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