We’ll admit it- some years we get our absolute BEST ideas for cosplay and drinking costumes at the last minute, especially when it comes to Atlanta’s own Labor Day weekend event, Dragon Con.

Something we’ve described to friends and hopeful attendees as the “Mardi Gras of conventions,” the truly multi-track con (seriously, there are panels for absolutely everyone) has a reputation of being a party con, but with a dragon-sized heart. Each year, Dragon Con hosts a blood drive and choses a charity to donate proceeds from an auction to. This year, it’s the American Heart Association, and you can read more about that here.

Photo courtesy of Dragon Con

But of course one of the biggest and best parts of the annual gathering is the costumes. Often times, attendees will wear upwards of 5-6 different outfits A DAY for various photo ops, parties, contests, and fangroup meetings.

Photo courtesy of Dragon Con

So, about that cosplay…

Seriously, we completely understand the last-minute scramble for cosplay supplies, and the “just one more costume” creative bug that hits about this time of year.

So, let us draw your attention to a few supply items you can pick up on Amazon:

For Building/Fabrication:

FOAM-Mo. FOAM-MO is an EVA foam-like product that can be stretched, sculpted, or pressed into molds and will retain a very high level of detail. Let FOAM-MO fully air-dry then you can cut, sand, or heat form it like EVA foam. Attach FOAM-MO to your props using hot glue or contact cement.

WORLBA. The biggest name is thermo plastics, chances are you’ve heard of this item in cosplay circles. It comes in two color choices now, with several different sheet sizes available. With an activation temperature of 90°C, Worbla becomes soft and pliable, allowing you to shape, form and mold the product by hand safely. The adhesive properties mean pieces can be joined without the need for glue, and scraps can be blended for zero waste. These leftovers can be molded to act just like putty, and many artists use Worbla’s Finest Art instead of clay to create near-indestructible pieces. Non-Toxic and Skin-Safe, Worbla’s Finest Art can be used in classrooms, apartments, workshops and beyond without needing uncomfortable safety gear or complicated venting systems. Use hot air such as a heat gun, water or steam to shape the plastic however you want.

Here’s a great Worbla tutorial video from KamuiCosplay to give you an idea of the type of thing you can create with it.

And, if you get a cosplayer some WORBLA, they’ll need a heat gun to go with it. (The suggested item is actually the model we have, and we highly support it for newbies and experienced builders alike.)

For Wigs:

If, like us, you travel with multiple costumes which use multiple wigs, you’ll need an item or two to keep them all together and lookin’ fine. Two options for portable wig stands that we’ve tested and used for several years-

The cheaper option is great if you really just need a stand to brush out your wig/get it ready for wearing in your room.

And the slightly more pricey but-worth-it wig block option, more stable than the above collapsable ones, and used by wig professionals all over.

It’s a good idea to pick up some wig caps, bobby pins, wig brushes, and wig spray while you’re at it too.

For your feetsies:

If there’s one big thing we can suggest to keep you comfortable during a con like Dragon- it’s insoles for your shoes. As with any event, make sure you’ve tested your footwear for multiple hours in various ways- standing, running (not recommended during the con, but hey- things happen), doing your character’s signature action pose, etc.

Pick up some new socks, too. Plush ones, maybe with cooling technology dependent on what kind of shoes you’ll be wearing. Oh yes, and maybe some shoe bags or boxes to keep your freshly painted boots or heels from rubbing off on other items in your suitcase.

And, for that after-the-parade treat, maybe some foot care to keep you on your feet for the next two days.


Duh. BIG. GIANT. DUH. Keep in mind, this is an enclosed space, in Atlanta, in the heat of late summer. It’s hard to smell good on a normal day, but add in costumes and humidity, and you’ll be grateful the person in front of you in the panel line also put on deodorant that morning. If you’re wearing a delicate fabric that may suffer from stick deodorant stains or marks, maybe do a test run at home with your normal choice before heading out. For a more natural selection without parabens etc., this is a great brand with great scent options. Also, don’t be that person who things that AXE is a replacement for a shower, please? Just. Don’t.

In addition- make your life easier and grab some laundry bags to stuff your dirty clothes in.

Last Minute [Easy] Cosplay Ideas

Dragon Con has a HUGELY popular Bunny Hutch event and costume contest, which means all things Playboy Bunny style are IN! If you want to go super basic- just add this accessory set to any costume in your closet.

Do a pajama version of your favorite character from comics, games or films! Think about the basic color palate of the character, some kind of signature item like bunny slippers or similar, and have-at.

Star Trek red shirts. Nothing better than having a large group of friends wearing the same thing- and chances are you’ll run into at least three other groups who had the same idea. Perfect for those away missions where packing space is at a premium.

Also- swimsuits! Always a good choice, especially in the heat. There have been several X-Men swimsuit cosplay groups, and it’s a smart way to beat the heat.

If you can think of anything else that’s a must-have for the con, let us know, and we’ll add it in!

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