Fan films have certainly improved over the years. While fan film directors have always been pretty good at capturing the spirit of the source material they were portraying, there really has been a huge jump in their ability to put effects laden images on the screen. Case in point, Spawn: The Recall.

This new film from French writer / director, Michael Paris really raises the bar for those wanting to create a fan film. It captures the look and feel of the comic series even better than the Spawn feature film starring Michael Jai White. The Recall took only two days to film but since the director was also the editor and handled all the VFX, post production lasted two years. As viewers will see, it was well worth the wait. It is also worth noting that the star, Johanna Genet not only gives a great performance but her sound design really takes this film to another level. Spawn comic creator, Todd McFarlane should take note and maybe have a conversation with director Paris about future film possibilities for the Spawn character.

More information on the film can be found here. To see other short films from director Michael Paris, visit his website here.

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