While Aunt Mae is an important part of the Peter Parker narrative, I honestly don’t think Sony would be stupid enough to spent the time and money on a solo film of Spiderman’s aunt.  That’d be like, completely changing the origin stories and characterizations of the Fantastic Four…..

Oh.  Wait.

Well?  Apparently, the Glass Ceiling film (which is supposed to be a movie centered around the Web Head’s harem of ladies) MIGHT have some flashbacks ala Marvel’s Agent Peggy Carter to a young Aunt Mae.  Latino Review (who everyone loves to quote lately as a trusted source, but they’ve yet to be right about a third of what they post) says this supposed film will be an espionage story in the vein of AMC’s Mad Men“.  Collider has also run a similar story, so did Screen Rant, AND ComicBookMovie.

That could very well be the case, but, how would that possibly tie into the possible main characters of Black Cat (Felicia Hardy appears in Amazing Spider-Man 2), the return of Gwen Stacy (no really, this is pretty much a thing that is happening, even though WE THINK IT’LL JUST BE FLASHBACKS OF SCENES NOT IN THE PREVIOUS FILMS), and maybe the eventual introduction of Mary Jane.  Or, they could do the crazy double casting idea we jokingly suggested awhile back and have Emma Stone return with her normal red hair and play MJ, causing Peter no shortage of emotional turmoil with his new love interest resembling his dead one.

Only time will tell, but Sally Field really was wonderful as Aunt Mae.

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