Now, take this with a grain of Romulan salt you guys, but new Kirk and Spock have just signed on to do a 4th rebooted Star Trek film.  I say rebooted, because this film would be the fourth in the ‘new’ timeline of Trek, first established in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek.

The third film hasn’t even come out yet, although from what we understand, production started on it this week in Vancouver.  The Hollywood Reporter, while long winded on the matter of raises and such for the cast, says one of the contractual agreements reached in the talks is the securing of Chris Pine (new Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (new Spock) for a 4th film.

The yet untitled 3rd film ran into all kinds of delays; the script took over a year to hammer out by Roberto Orci, who was originally going to direct.  Since then, Orci has backed out of the project, and the director’s chair has gone to Justin Lin (Fast & Furious).

We’ll be curious to see how number 3 turns out, as Into Darkness left even the most cement supporter of New Trek scratching their heads. I absolutely love classic Trek, so much so that I’m involved with one of the fan-run productions carrying on the legacy (Axanar). But I absolutely loved Trek ’09. Mostly because this is one of the best trailers:

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