For those of you who caught Jenny’s deliciously Sith-y and exclusive AC photo shoot, you know that there are some Starkiller-sized moves happening at Elhoffer Design. Most recently, Catherine Elhoffer has been putting out some titillating peeks into Star Wars inspired dresses that IF you are lucky enough to earn a commission spot, can be yours!

My suggestion? Follow Elhoffer Design IMMEDIATELY and prepare to salivate.

A self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, Elhoffer has been sewing since she joined the Renaissance Faire at the tender age of 15. Fast forward to the end of 2015 and Catherine is now a costume designer who also acts as a Rebel commissioner in her free time.

Elhoffer is currently offering different designs that draw from both the Dark and Light side, with some pretty important hardware included as well. Each dress is thoughtfully created utilizing super interesting patterns and fabrics to pay tribute to new installation of Star Wars. My personal favorite is based off Senator Amidala’s dress in Episode III but any of these dresses would make you the one everyone in the universe is looking at! All you have to do is send a trusted droid off with your Star map to direct her to your location..or you could message her via Facebook world or also here!

Ring in the new year by making one of these pretties yours!

ABOUT >> Mac Lemons
  • ACCOUNT NAME >> paranoidlemons
  • BIO >> Mac is a history lover, avid harry potter fan, and occasionally pretends to join the circus. While flying on fabrics and searching for magic are her true passions, her civilian life forces her to walk around a lot.
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