Halloween has come and gone, with freaks and frights giving way to reindeer and the like, but that’s not stopping Endnight games from bringing the horror to bear in their Oculus Rift-based horror title, the Forest. It looks a bit like this:

It starts innocuously enough, but I think the meat effigy there was what really got me into it. The site describes an honest attempt at creating a living, dynamic environment, with tides going in and out, plants growing and dying, and a fairly open-ended take on the whole “survival” part of the game, giving you the freedom to forage or farm, find or build your own shelters, and the like. Even the horrific mutants in the game are purported to have a society, values, beliefs and even families. Keep an eye out for this one, and be sure to show your support over on their Steam Greenlight page. Now that I think about it…this is really fancy VR Minecraft, isn’t it? I’m totally okay with that, too.

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