While several other outlets today reported “TITANS CAST REVEALED!” (which wasn’t the case), the real news is the official lineup for characters we can expect to see in the pilot of TNT’s upcoming live-action Titans series.

Reportedly, Titans will follow the “Teen Titans” DC Comics title, and center around team leader Nightwing.  If you are unfamiliar with this character, the basic gist is he is the older, more experienced Dick Grayson, Robin from Batman.  The age of Nightwing has not been announced yet though, and this could of course change the expected storylines and team members.

Surprisingly, former Batgirl Barbara Gordon has been announced as a member of the team, even though she never was (a Teen Titan) in the comics.  She will be wheelchair-bound Oracle, her assumed hero name after being tragically shot in the spine by the Joker, paralyzing her.

Hawk and Dove have made the roster, even though it won’t be the brother-brother team as it was in the original comics. The version TNT is going with for the new series seems to be Hank Hall as Hawk and Dawn Granger as Dove.  (Nerdist says they are set to be a romantic pairing.)

Raven and Starfire are rounding out the list, notable absences of Cyborg and Beast Boy from the pilot script are leading fans to wonder if they’ll be added later on.

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