D23 kicked off in earnest this morning with the presentation of the Disney Legends awards, as well as some super-surprising news that Ming Na Wen was joining Jon Favreau’s “Star Wars” series, “The Mandalorian.

Needless to say, with that kind of excitement during an awards panel, there’s no telling what’ll happen during the Disney+ presentation. There is no live stream for it, so that more than likely means that those in attendance will be getting some trailers, exclusive footage, and other fabulous goodies.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated as the news rolls out from various sources….so keep checking back!

There will be a new Lizzy McGuire series on Disney+, and YES Hilary Duff is returning to the role.

The panel kicked off with a presentation from the upcoming series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” complete with a full production of dancers, singers, and cheerleaders.

Looks like we may actually be getting some Disney+ live stream!


The first portion of the presentation of “what’s to come” is focusing on the original content coming to the service, beginning with the Disney Channel.

Things like a new “Phineas and Ferb” movie!

Yes, there will still be an animated Lizzie!

We’re also getting more of “Toy Story 4” breakout character Forky in his own series, “Forky Asks a Question”.

“Monsters at Work” will be a continuation of “Monsters Inc.”.

“Avengers: Endgame” will be available for streaming on Disney+ beginning December 11th.

First new thing Feige talks about…..”Marvel What If?”

So like….Peggy Carter as Captain Briton?!?

And now they’re into the “Loki” series.

Sharon Carter *is* returning for “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier”.

And now onto “WandaVision.”

Darcy is coming back too!

Three new Marvel Studios Disney+ series were revealed also-

And the show we were pretty sure they were gonna confirm-

How about a trailer for the upcoming non-scripted series, “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”!

Kristen Bell is producing the series “Encoure” for Disney+, all about musical theater.

There will also be series “Star Girl,” based on 2000 young adult novel by Jerry Spinelli, as well as another young adult title, “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.”

A little look at the upcoming live-action adaptation of “Lady and the Tramp” starring Tessa Thompson!

How bout a trailer for it?!

First trailer for original Christmas film “Noelle” starring Anna Kendrick.

Mixed in with the crazy-awesome trailer drops and show announcements- ANOTHER GREAT ONE!


The Hollywood Reporter says a new unscripted series is coming to Disney+ in 2020:

the world of Kermit and Miss Piggy is coming to Disney+ next year. As announced Friday at the Mouse House’s D23 Expo, Muppets Now will be a shortform unscripted series featuring the iconic characters. The series will feature the Muppets alongside celebrity guest stars in a forum that Disney describes as featuring a startling silliness and heartfelt fun. Muppets Now will be produced by Muppets Studios. 

One of the series stars quickly confirmed this report!


Kathleen Kennedy is on stage, and kicking off the “Star Wars” portion of the presentation.

Sounds like 8 scripts for the series, which will feature “pretty much” all new characters.

Taika Waititi is on hand, and says he plays IG-11, one of the bounty hunting droids.

The first trailer for “The Mandalorian”!

AND- That other big news we were waiting for-


AND YES IT’LL BE Ewan McGregor!!!

Ewan McGregor will play Obi-Wan Kenobi again, Kathy Kennedy says the scripts are written, and that the show will begin filming next year. “It feels so nice to say,” McGregor commented.

And that’s it for today! Thanks so much to D23 for all your awesomeness!

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