It is a sad sad day for Simpsons fans.  Longtime cast member Harry Shearer will NOT be returning to the Fox animated series for their 27th and 28th seasons.

*sniff*  There I’ve said it.  If you didn’t know, Harry voices an INSANE number of characters on the series, most notably Mr. Burns and Flanders (here is a list if you’d like to to see just how many).  For me, he’ll always be Derek Smalls the bass player from Spinal Tap, but Simpsons has been an institution for almost 30 years and I don’t want to live in a world without him being involved.

The story goes that unlike previous years, the powers that be at the animated comedy wouldn’t allow for the contractual loopholes Shearer uses to work on other projects.  Considering his recent farewell-reunion tour with his fellow comedy masters Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, I’m thinking this may mean a new film is in the pipeline.  Reports differ as to whether the paycut the cast and crew of Simpsons accepted the last two years in order to continue the series is a factor in his decision to leave, but judging from the tweets, that was NOT the motivational factor.  Anyone who is familiar with Shearer’s massive body of awesome work knows how talented he is, and that his legacy in Springfield will live on forever.

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