I was the ‘weirdo kid’ who grew up in the 90’s, and The X-Files was a big part of my life. How can you not help but hum or whistle The X-Files theme song when someone brings up aliens?  (Thanks Mark Snow!)  I couldn’t wait for “Paranormal Night” as I called it, where I would sit down and watch a 3 hour block of TV; Unsolved Mysteries , The X-Files and Sightings . Now that I stirred up some flashbacks to shows you might of forgotten about, The X-Files is coming back, and not in movie form. I can only expect it picks up at season 10 just like the comics did that were released in 2013.

David Duchovny broke the news to David Letterman that Agent Skinner played by Mitch Pileggi and The Cigarette Smoking Man, played by William B. Davis will be rejoining the series.

Source: movieweb.com

“I have ideas for everyone,” Chris Carter told XFN. “Their availability is subject to their regular paying jobs. Of course, I’d like to bring everyone possible back, but it’s who’s going to fit into the story and who’s available.”

We also know that writer-producers James Wong and Glen Morgan are returning to the series for this revisiting.  The pair are behind such notable episodes as s1’s Beyond the Sea and s4’s Home and Musings of the Cigarette Smoking Man.  They will write and direct one episode apiece, and Morgan will also serve as an executive producer alongside series creator Chris Carter.  Still kind of hoping for Vince Gilligan to rejoin the team, but it’s not looking like a possibility sadly.

Shooting for the new 6 episode season starts this summer and expected to be out in 2016, a lot sooner than originally announced. Which for me is awesome, but there are a lot of loose ends that need tightening up. The series takes place after 2012, which means they’ll have to explain weather or not the alien colonization took place. While speaking to XFN carter replied,

“I’ve thought about that,” he says referring to the colonization date. “I don’t know exactly how I’m going to address it, in a big way, a mild way, a modern way, or a plot.” Then he adds, “And of course you can’t avoid to deal with William (arc) in some way or another.”

I still get shocked when people tell me they’ve never watched the The X-Files in any way shape or form, so I sit them down and I let the show consume them like the black oil virus. Until 2016 we’ll have to wait and search for more truth, Mulder style.

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