In horror atmosphere is everything, and in gaming your interface can really determine the way you view the world. Proper use of these elements can create something that does little to pull you, as a player, out of a space crafted to destroy you. In more ways than one. Just check it out.


I’m a sucker for a good horror game, and have long been a proponent of the earlier Dead Space games for their use of the HUD (mostly displaying things on the character and avoiding tacky meters and the like), and this seems like it’s encompassing both that ideal and a sort of Deus Ex feeling of hacking around and directly interacting with elements as they appear on the screen. I’m practically already sold. Add to that that’s it’s going to have Occulus Rift support, and the possibilities practically have me screaming already.

Routine made it through the Steam Greenlight, so we’ll be seeing it on PC at some point.

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