TMNT fans and collectors have no shortage of figures and collectibles to pick up, that is for sure. New on store shelves however are a new type of figure from Playmates Toys that caught my eye on the shelf the other day. TMNT Shadow Ninjas plastic 5 inch figures are stylized versions of everyone’s favorite Turtles. All four are available of course- Leonardo Raphael, Michelangelo, and the one I picked up, Donatello. Let’s take a look so you can see why this is a must add to your collection.

First up of course is the packaging. And what a box! Talk about slick, I love this. The front features a big window box showing off the figure fully, which is great. Big TMNT logo on the bottom, and the back features a bio and really cool key art. The chalk look is striking and brilliant. What a great effort here.

We open our toys around these parts, and once you get him out of the box, you get a good sense of what turns out to be a substantial figure. Donnie comes with his bow staff and harness. The back has a sheath of sorts to store his staff as well. The sculpt is awesome, I love the blocky design. Some might not enjoy that, but I like it. It keeps the figure on solid ground and it won’t fall over. The standout however is the paint aps. It makes the toy feel like it is leaping off the comic page, and that it has the classic paint job makes it feel like a throwback TMNT toy. There is a bit of paint flecking here and there, but it is not terribly noticeable.

Donnie has 9 points of articulation, and again, they keep the figure stable. I love how he can pose in multiple stances with his staff. He holds it well, especially when stretched across his body and in both hands. This is not a ton of playability here, this is more a TMNT display piece, but that is not to say there is none at all. Kids would have just as much fun tossing them around and being rough with it. The figure is very sturdy, and feels like it could take a beating.

I love this figure. I plan on getting the rest, and at $19.99 in stores, they won’t break your budget either. TMNT fans of all ages will find something to like here, and I cannot recommend them enough.

You can order these online as well right here!

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