Tweeterhead, in association with DC Comics and Warner Brothers, brings you this gobsmacking Batman Returns: Catwoman Maquette Statue! …Meow.

Batman Returns served as director Tim Burton’s second stint in the director’s chair, helming the Batman franchise. It would also prove to be his last, as the film was nowhere near as well received as the 1989 smash hit. Many felt Burton went overboard with the sequel and that the film was just far too dark. He truly delivered an unsettling, macabre, and grotesque vision for his second journey through Gotham. Batman fans either love or hate Batman Returns. Many of us feel the film is under appreciated, particularly for its unique characterizations of the classic Bat villains, Penguin and Catwoman. Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman was my first crush ever. She remains my favorite incarnation of Selina Kyle, forgetting of course about the film’s ultra weird take on her origin. Ok, so you get pushed out a window and resurrected by nibbles from a pack of stray cats? Oh, and now you are some kind of undead mystical being with nine lives? Yea, hella weird shit, but Pfeiffer owned it big time! She played the part like a force of nature. She was cool, powerful, confident, and incredibly sexy.

All of those qualities and then some are translated perfectly in this masterpiece from Tweeterhead. Discover “the woman behind the cat”, with this 1:6 scale statue, which has been expertly crafted by artist, Trevor Grove. Grove freaking nails Pfeiffer’s likeness so well that I’d consider marrying this work of art…Christ that was a pathetic statement, but I stand by it dammit! Selina stands 15 inches tall and is made from a cold cast porcelain. Clad in her iconic, hand-stitched catsuit, she is poised to attack with her trademark whip at the ready and razor sharp claws unleashed. You can practically hear her roar! Catwoman stands atop a Gotham City rooftop that bears the Shrek’s cat head logo from the film.

This is a big ticket item with a price tag of $259.99, but shipping and handling is free! You can purchase this and more from the folks at Entertainment Earth. Please click here to purchase your very own!

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