The one and only Max Factory proudly brings to you, this outrageously stunning, Ghost in the Shell; Major Motoko Kusanagi action figure!

If Ghost and The Shell didn’t technically invent the cyber punk sub genre, It sure as hell perfected it! Without a doubt, Ghost and the Shell and it’s lead character, Major Motoko Kusanagi, are viewed as icons in the worlds of Anime and Manga. The franchise has spawned three manga serials, three anime feature films and two animated series. Currently, work is underway on a live action film adaptation. There has been a rather gigantic controversy over the fact that a white/western female has been cast as Major Kusanagi. Even more disturbing, are the rumors that special effects testing has been done to make the actress (Scarlet Johansson) appear to look more Asian! I think if that bit of information is true, that is fucked up to say the least! Asian actors have been passed over for top film roles for a long time in Hollywood. Using special effects to make white actors look more ethnic is a practice that I thought was dead a long time ago! Surprise kids, the world is a shitty place, but at least there are toys!…Right?! (Crickets Chirping)

This Motoko Kusanagi figure, from the folks at Max Factory, looks so freaking good! It should have been cast for the new movie. The Sculpt and paint job on the Major depicts the character in her look from the 2015 animated film. She stands just under 6 inches tall and features a display stand to assist with numerous dynamic poses. You can choose to equip her with one of three alternate expressions and one alternate hair style. Major Kusanagi also comes with a very nice array of accessories including; a semi automatic hand gun, a fully automatic assault rifle and a wearable visor.

This Figma action figure is priced just under $60.00 before shipping and handling. Purchase your own Major Motoko Kusanagi from our good friends at Entertainment Earth. Just follow the link here!

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