This Entertainment Earth Exclusive of Princess Diana of Themyscira, as envisioned by world-renowned artist Luis Royo, is brought to breathtaking 3D life by Shin Tanabe in this limited edition Fantasy Figure Gallery DC Comics Collection Wonder Woman Variant Resin Statue – Entertainment Earth Exclusive. With a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity, Wonder Woman stands about 12 1/4-inches tall with her Lasso of Truth, indestructible vambraces, and golden tiara. The Entertainment Earth variant version features the Amazon with her shield and sword in her hands, wearing a different outfit that slightly exposes her chiseled midriff. Wonder Woman also sports a different pair of long red-and-silver boots!


The smoke and dust of debris swirl in the air as Wonder Woman slowly rises to her feet. Standing tall and defiant, Princess Diana of Themyscira reaches for her sword and makes her way amid the rubble to once more face her foe.

Designed by Luis Royo, this new statue features an all-new sculpt from the standard version that we think you’ll really like. Royo has captured Wonder Woman’s fierceness, while all at once maintaining her beautiful, ethereal qualities as an Amazonian princess and warrior.

You won’t be able to find this gorgeous statue anywhere but Entertainment Earth and it will only run you around $250.

yamato_wonderwoman_exclusive4 yamato_wonderwoman_exclusive3



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