Bungie-Destiny-Leak_11-27Activision announced some new details about Destiny. In addition to reaffirming expectations that Bungie’s latest will be a $1 billion franchise, we know when to expect the public beta.

Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg says that the game is on track for release on September 9 and may set a record for the largest numbers of pre-orders for a new IP. Players will get access to the public beta this July.

Don’t want to wait? Me neither. Here’s something to curb your appetite for the time being: A look at the armor, weapons, and loot systems that Destiny will have to offer its players. Get the full scoop in the video below as you prepare for Destiny’s September 9 release.


Collecting loot won’t be just for RPGs anymore. Bungie’s new shooter will feature an endless sea of collectible armor, weapons, and other gadgets that should keep us busy for a long time to come. Want a fire-spewing shotgun or a armor-piercing fusion rifle? Destiny’s got you covered. Tired of making a bum-rush for loot? NO WORRIES. Every drop is personalized to your experience.

This is definitely going to be a big hit after the lackluster lineup of the spring’s innovative game for next gen…which is practically nothing. Hope to see you on the battlefield in July (if you’ve preordered it) and of course, afterwards when it releases in September.


For more on Destiny and video game news, stay tuned as more on Destiny is revealed at this years E3.

For more information on the game make sure to visit the official website. 

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