Marvel’s The X-Men has quite the assortment of characters and mutants. One of them being Nightcrawler, an individual who can BAMF his way in or out of any situation. In short he can teleport. In our latest set we are brining you some images of the blue creature that we think you might enjoy greatly. The set has been put together by the combined efforts of Max Shot First and Jennifer Van Damsel.

Jennifer Van Damsel we met way back in the day through our buddy and talented artist Jon Hughes. Jen is an extremely talent cosplayer and as a result we wanted to work together with her to get something great for the site.

The following set is of Jennifer Van Damsel as Nightcrawler and the photos are taken by the extremely talented Max. Take a look here and enjoy. Plus, if you would like to see even more from our exclusive content, take a look here.

And if you would like to get added to our roster of original and epic cosplays please reach out to us on our Facebook page for more details!

Nightcrawler Photos By Max Shots
Nightcrawler Photos By Max Shots
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