Here at Aggressive Science we’re all about the progression of every single science field. That being said there are people in the world who are close minded or out there to make money while hindering those around them. A couple of months back you might of heard of Martin Shkreli, the chief executive of Turing Pharmaceutical, for everyone who needs a refresher he’s the douchebag who raised the price of Daraprim 5,000%, from $13.50 a tablet to $750 per pill. Daraprim is used to fight a parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis, which is potentially life-threatening for people with weakened immune systems, such as those with AIDS or cancer.

Why the price hike? According to Turing founder and chief executive, Martin Shkreli, the company plans to use the money to develop better treatments for toxoplasmosis. He also said the drug is so rarely used, the impact on the health system would be minuscule. “This isn’t the greedy drug company trying to gouge patients,” Shkreli told The New York Times

Not a greedy drug company? Hmm, maybe he is right, the company might not be greedy but sure as hell can see he is. A six-week, two-pill-a-day course of Daraprim would have cost just $1,130, before the price hike. 

Turing Pharmaceuticals has reported a $14.6 million (£9.6 million) net loss in their third-quarter, from July to the end of September, this year.

Does this make this person a reasonable human being?

“The price per course of treatment to save your life was only $1,000 and we know these days, with modern pharmaceuticals, cancer drugs can cost $100,000 or more, rare-disease drugs can cost half a million dollars,” Shkreli said, as if it should be shocking that cheap, life-saving medicine could cost less than a laptop.

This isn’t Shkreli’s first price-hiking biotech rodeo. In fact, a year ago, when he was the CEO of Retrophin, his company acquired Thiola and planned to increase its price by over 20 times. Thiola is used to treat cystinuria, an incurable kidney disease. The board of Retrophin fired Shkreli and sued him for $65 million over an alleged misuse of company funds.

A person like this is what’s wrong with the world today. We tend to not worry about real life issues going on around us, until it happens to us or hits close to home.  Now again, we are here to report science and not be ranty but in our view if someone is really about science or anything related at the end of the day they want to see the progressing and wellness of human kind.

The most influential Scientist, Doctors, Physicist, creators and inventors were doing what they did for this exact reason. Not for money not for fame. 


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