There have been many concepts of the Back to the Future 2 hover board. I mean honestly it would be bad-ass. As of lately we’ve been bombarded with concepts and ideas to try to bring that movie vision into real life. With several companies already throwing their hat into the ring, another contender,Mr. Hover board , has surprised no-one by inventing its own version.

Now don’t get me wrong the science behind is actually pretty genius. The hover board uses four leaf blowers which in turn helps the board maneuver around like a segway.

By donating $420 (£275) to the crowdfunded project (leaf blowers not included), you can help bring this working concept to life, and secure a hoverboard kit of your own. You have to build it yourself, sure, but it doesn’t look more complicated than putting together a piece of IKEA furniture.

And the search continues….

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