AMC’s newest foray into the comic book genre had many readers nervous as to how they would present the infamous Jesse Custer and gang, particularly with the rather violent (and a little blasphemous for those of you who subscribe) religious element. With Seth Rogan leading the charge, they did a damn fine job introducing Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy, and even our favorite baby angel-hell spawn GENESIS! Very vague spoilers to follow!

For those of you who have never felt the urge to read Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s Preacher, this 90s comic emerged as one of the most popular Vertigo series of its time. It followed a small-town preacher (hence the super misdirecting title) in Annville, Texas who “accidentally” becomes possessed by a supernatural entity. What unravels is an epic battle because God takes a me day and Custer had a really shitty family matriarch, anything more would spoil the artful tale spun by Ennis and Dillon.


The pilot is bloody awesome, beginning with a siren alarm warning and the words “OUTER SPACE” set against an almost Looney Tune-sque solar system (or like any pre-HD, pulp-y, science documentary with a fuzzy-sounding man describing Jupiter’s rings). Listen SUPER carefully as you watch what appears to be a screaming comet because you will hear the sounds of a baby crying. A BABY?! WHY WOULD A BABY BE ABOARD FROZEN GASES?!!?! Well, it would be if it were the offspring of an angel and a demon who happened to get it on and really needs a body to you know, hang out in. Unfortunately, babies are hard to handle and this one comes with an explosive element.

Custer’s introduction begins with a memory of his father, a back full of scars, and a cigarette. Set in a rather idyllic, and visually stunning middle of nowhere. We see Jesse taking the walk for his morning smoke and to fix what the neighborhood kids had done to the church signs. He begins the day with a sermon, in which Custer appears as lost as his flock and unable to offer guidance. It would seem that at this point, Jesse is questioning everything in his life including his religion and occupation. What further evolves demonstrates that Jesse has a darker past than we are completely given (!!!) and he had done some stuff and things! We also see how good he is with his hands. THROAT PUNCH!


The episode makes a lot of quick switches in perspectives but does so in a fashion that is relatively easy to follow. The level of gore, while could’ve been more (not their fault, stupid censors), was great at delivering some squee-worthy kills. My favorite, of course, was TULIP’S introduction between her inventive use of corn and her awesome child wrangling skills. Arts and crafts have never been so fun.


Cassidy was pretty entertaining as well especially when he starts golfing but his presentation is more…lost vampire kinda tone. He is also a vampire. He does not sparkle nor does holy water work on him. Also, he is Irish and prefers whiskey to blood, who would’ve thunk it? He reminds me of Skinner Sweet, which is no surprise as Synder AND King were involved in his creation. When the sheriff calls him Custer’s “weird little friend,” I definitely almost spit out my own drink.

Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy - Preacher _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Lewis Jacobs/Sony Pictures Televsion/AMC

While we still have not had a chance to meet other characters like a grandma who is so far off the butterscotch candy spectrum, you will never run from another mothball kiss again, Rogan did great justice to the comic by giving it a proper introduction.

I do have to say the one thing that could not be helped was that if you were not at least somewhat familiar with the storyline of Preacher, it could be a little confusing. However, the pilot brings the entire introduction together in the end and leaves us grinning with glee at the possibility of more unholy goodness.

Also if you’ve ever enjoy Stephen King’s Dark Tower series or wondered why Yorick carried a lighter with the words engraved “Fuck Communism,” you ABSOLUTELY need to take the roller coaster ride called Preacher.


Oh! Because the pilot needed to be green-lighted, it was first filmed ahead of the rest of the series. The other nine episodes that follow are shot almost a year later so do not be too thrown off when you watch it next Sunday on AMC at 9/8c.


  • The flashback of Custer’s dad!! HE LOVED HIS BOY SO MUCH. SOB.
  • “Open Your Ass and Holes to Jesus” Thank God Genesis was not yet in Texas.
  • “I just ABE-LINCOLNED that squirrel in the head” Only in the South could you a) use an assassinated President as a verb and b). always use it in the presence of polite company.
  • Jesse Custer’s Youth Ministry must be a hit.
  • How did no one notice GIANT axe over the magazines? Can you imagine what turbulence must be like on that plane? Religious fanatics, am I right?
  • Always make sure your to-go containers are shatter-proof, you may not always have a cow handy.
  • “I’m ten. I’m in charge.”
  • Tom Cruise makes a really good boom. Must be all that hot air.
  • The lead up to Arseface!
  • Music choice was spot on.
  • Pilot can also be called Creative DIY Ideas for Your New Weapons Closet.
  • Words can definitely hurt more than sticks and stones.
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