Today Movie Pilot shocked us all with their POSSIBLE spoiler for Captain America’s death in the untitled Avengers 3 film.   A tad far fetched?  Not really, when you take into account the source material.  They could also have that be the trigger that pushes Tony Stark into his dark days of alcoholism.  Here is a bit more on the subject from the Movie Pilot guys.

Reposting from their site:

Every comic book fan knows that Captain America No. 25 is one of the pivotal issues in Marvel’s history. The death of Captain America had reverberations that were felt across the entire Marvel universe, and it is one of the iconic moments in comic books.

And if we put the pieces together, it appears that we might see Steve Rogers’ fatal arc play out in The Avengers 3. In a recent interview with Newsarama, Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor Sebastian Stan revealed that he’s pretty sure his contract with Marvel is for 9 movies. What’s interesting about this is that Chris Evans recently confirmed this his deal with Marvel was for 6 movies.

Why is this important? Because in the comics, when Steve Rogers is assassinated, it’s his old friend Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier, who takes up the shield and becomes the new Captain America. With Evans’ fifth and sixth films being Captain America 3 and the third Avengers film, it makes no sense to re-up his contract since they already have Stan inked to 9 pictures. This means we’ll be seeing quite a bit of The Winter Soldier in the next few films, with the logical conclusion being that that Marvel will adhere to the comics and kill off Captain America.

All the major players involved in his death are already appearing in Captain America 2; Sharon Carter, Crossbones, The Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Nick Fury, etc.  The pieces are already being assembled.

And it would be a bold, savvy move on Marvel’s part. While the films have been fantastically entertaining, they’ve not really meant anything, not in the way stories matter when you know that something truly important is on the line, like the lives of one of our beloved characters. So far, all of the Avengers have escaped relatively unscathed, but the reality is that if Marvel wants to continue on into Phases 3 and 4, that can’t always be the case. Eventually, the stakes will have to be higher and death will – and needs to – happen. And right now, no way makes more sense than Captain America going out in the same way that he does in the comics, at the hands of the Red Skull’s machinations.

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