If you’re looking forward to the upcoming “Arkham Knight” video game, we have some mixed news.  No, it’s not ANOTHER delay of release of the physical game set for June 2nd (which has already happened three times now), but an augment of the origin story of the mysterious Knight himself.

A new six-issue comic book mini-series by writer Pete Tomasi and artist Alisson Borges called Batman: Arkham Knight – Genesis, out July 29, will explore the villain’s mysterious past.  Which, if you’re familiar with calendars, is almost two months after the game’s release.


So far, all we know is this militaristic Batman-inspired outfit with an Arkham symbol on the chest has a mysterious connection to Batman.  He also wants Batman dead, and he’s teaming up with Scarecrow to carry out this plan.

Check out this early vid from IGN:


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