No matter how many times you tell me a movie based on a video game is in production I’m going to perk my ears up. It doesn’t matter how many have bombed, how many get it wrong, ignore the source material, pay zero dam service. It doesn’t even matter if I don’t particularly like the game (anymore). I’m looking at you Warcraft. It’s probably because there are so many with such rich source material that they ‘could’ make good films and Hollywood is in desperate need of some new ideas. One of these films is going to be taken seriously by its producers and it’s going to be a hit and change everything.
Given Michael Fassbender (X-men, Macbeth), Justin Kurzel (Macbeth), and 20th Century Fox, we have the potential for something at least good, if not great. The images coming from the set, at least, are reason to be optimistic about this one, it seems they’re taking great care with the look of the character.


We still have a long wait for the film which is slated for release December 21st 2016. What do you think, what is the best video game to film adaptation?


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