The Russo Brothers have done an amazing job continuing the legacy of The Avengers in their helmed films.  Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought the character of Steve Rogers into the modern age a bit more than the first Avengers film did.  They continued with their hero building into Captain America: Civil War, which several fans like to call “Avengers 2” because we like to pretend Ultron didn’t happen.  Just me?  Oh.  Ok then.

Avengers: Infinity War is arguably the most anticipated team up film in the superhero movie world, as the groundwork laid in the various Marvel Phases will finally come to fruition.   Marvel Studios released a hype trailer yesterday ahead of the trailer release:

And thanks to Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland being adorable, we got an early glance at the new Avengers poster:

But what you’re really here for is THE trailer:

Avengers: Infinity War opens worldwide on May 4th, 2018.

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