In an update to the rumors of Disney’s possible buying of 21st Century Fox that surfaced early last month, a new report from CNBC has revealed that this deal will be closing soon and could be announced to the public as early as next week.

If closed, this purchase has a value of $60 billion.

This deal does not include Fox sports and news. It will allow the downsized broadcast company to put their focus in these outlets, admitting their growing loss against media giants like Disney and Amazon.

The biggest draw for Disney will be their new ownership of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the ability to give a new life to X-Men and Fantastic Four.

According to, “Fox has plans to follow that up with a busy 2018, releasing three films in the X-Men series. The New Mutants will blend teen superheroes with horror, Deadpool 2 will see Ryan Reynolds return to his role as the Merc with a Mouth, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix will put longtime producer Simon Kinberg in the director’s chair for a cosmic saga.

A Gambit movie is also planned for 2019 with Channing Tatum in the lead role, and James Franco is reportedly working on a Multiple Man movie with Kinberg.”


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7 thoughts on “Disney & Fox Have Reportedly Closed Purchase Deal

  1. BIG MISTAKE Disney will ruin Deadpool, x-men, fantastic four, Wolverine, and punisher. These characters and others that are currently owned by fox will be ruined when Disney gets it due to knocking out so much violence and cursing and rude humor.

  2. So obviously if this does completely go through it will mean the end of Deadpool as far as sequels because there’s no way Disney is going to carry on that character the way he’s been and I understand that. What I am concerned about is the show The Gifted that’s on Fox. My wife and I have been enjoying that and I’m concerned that this deal might mean the end of the show. But on the other hand if Disney does reboot the X-Men I’d like to see them take the source material to Heart whether it be the actual Comics or even just the 90s cartoon. Either of those two Source materials would be great if they actually stuck to it and kept timelines and character arcs genuine.

  3. Did you bother to read the CNBC report? The deal has not closed, but according to the report is close to closing. Also the enterprise value of the deal is 60 billion. That has a very different meaning from simply value. Rank amateur reporting.

  4. Guys! Fox owns the rights to Firefly! Marvel (Disney) has a working relationship with Joss Wheaton!

    This could mean the return of Firefly!