“This announcement has happened before, and it will undoubtedly happen again.”

According to Variety, Transcendence writer Jack Paglen has signed on to write the screenplay for a full length feature film from Universal in the vein of Battlestar Galactica.  That’s right, finally some more news on the front of the Science Fiction series that has known life as four (and one youtube series) different tv shows.  We know there is interest from the fan community, but we’ve also heard this type of hype several times over the past three years.  Paglen has also committed to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel for Fox that will start production this fall, so if there is a BSG film, it’s still gonna be awhile.  They’ve also said this will be yet ANOTHER “complete re-imagining of the story”.

It was believed in 2012 that Bryan Singer would helm the film project, but with all his X-Men films due out, that seems highly unlikely.   Variety also reports that original series creator Glen Larson will produce this Battlestar Galactica film.  Universal’s exec VP of production Scott Bernstein and director of development Jay Polidoro are overseeing this proposed latest version of Battlestar Galactica for the studio.

We will of course keep you updated as news breaks.  Expect an official word on this during WonderCon later this month.

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