Well Frak.  Somehow, I keep hoping this project will fall by the wayside, but it keeps moving forward.

Universal Studios just officially added producer Michael De Luca (Captain Phillips, Moneyball, American History X) to the upcoming reboot of sci fi operatic series Battlestar Galactica.  TrackingBoard who broke this story is reporting De Luca is being brought in to “jumpstart” the film, which is set to follow the original 1978 Glen Larson series rather than the transcendental reimagined series from Ronald D. Moore.


Bryan Singer is still attached to the project as the executive producer.  This is the same project that has been kicking around various levels of development since 2009.  There was even this set of Guy Hendrix Dyas’s concept art for Singer’s project that made the rounds last year, and this article from 2012 that claimed the film would be able to “connect both tv series successfully”.

We’ll let you know as more information becomes available as the story develops.

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