The name Black Milk is synonymous with all things nerdy, nylon, and just plain comfortable. The company is based out of Australia and is one of the TOP lines for all things geek-related and features some of the best nylon goodies around. Some epic pieces you may have seen floating around the internet are their MUSCLE SUSPENDERS and BONES CATSUIT, as well as their amazing GALAXY patterns and the all too famous viral picture of the droids we were DEFINITELY looking for. I will try not to fangirl so much but in the nylon world, James and the BM team are one of the first names to come up!

They are also one of the friendliest group of people I have had the pleasure of dealing with and I thank each one of them (especially Carla!) for their help in putting together this review.

You may remember that a month back we were examining possible Halloween-themed outfits you can expect for this festive, spooky holiday, which you can check out right here! Well, the wonderful people at BM quickly got in touch with us and sent us some actual products from their PULP HORROR line to test out just for you!!

We were sent these amazing pieces including the ‘BRAAAAINNNS’ LONG SLEEVE CROP TOP ($50), FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTERS LEGS ($70), and MUMMY RETURNS CATSUIT ($125) that I then wore out for the day as well as to a gym class…after all, besides looking ridiculously fashionable, these nylon products are perfect for a yoga or aerial class/performance!

However, I understand just how much of a commitment it is to buy your first BM piece (trust me, after the first one, you’ll be forever hooked on nylon) between more expensive price tag and the consistency of a product when you purchase it on the internet, which is why we put together this review of their products so we may help answer any questions you may have before taking the plunge to add some truly awesome pieces to your wardrobe. You can find the amazing pictures taken by Chris Gampat of the Phoblographer of the three pieces at the end of the article!

First and foremost, is it worth the price tag?

The answer is YES, you need to remember you are purchasing QUALITY!! Usually “leggings” ranging from $5-25 tends to stretch super thin and expose your hoohah to the world. I have also seen more generic stretchy products (mostly from China) come in and stitched terribly, whether the seams are crooked and/or the seams begin to rip after the first wear. You are definitely not compromising anything when you pick out something from BM, when it comes to purchasing your first piece, it is all comes down to what look you really want to own because all the products are well-made and super easy to take care of.

Black Milk offers a variety of styles and choices, depending on what your body type is and what you feel the most comfortable in. I find that one of the most common questions is how does each of the product sit on the body and how do you figure which one is your size?! This is a completely valid question as there is nothing worse than slouchy leggings and a too-tight top. Everything that I received was a medium and despite my gushing, I tried to be as honest as possible. I stand at 5ft. 7 in. and weigh anywhere from 130-138 lbs.

The sizing chart is included below (inches), in case you want to get shopping already!

Bust 31.00 32.00 34.50 37.00 42.00 43.50
Waist 23.50 25.00 28.00 30.00 35.00 37.00
Hip 34.50 35.00 38.00 41.00 45.00 49.00
Thigh 19.00 20.50 22.50 24.00 26.00 27.50
Ankle 7.75 8.00 8.50 9.50 10.00 10.25

In comparing the waist band of the leggings to other cheaper brands, I found that this one fit well on the hips and did not slide down the way some leggings do when they are stretched while walking. I probably could have gotten away with a small with the leggings because I have no heinie howeverrrr the material is also much thicker (compared to those tights disguised as leggings) therefore, some who tether between sizes like I do, might want to go a size up. That being said, the medium was perfect aside from a little extra material around my crotch that was barely noticable. I found that with the crop top, I was VERY happy with a medium because anything smaller would have pinched my armpits (although I highly doubt that would be the case with such comfy nylon). I do not usually go for the stomach-exposing tops however, this was one I did not mind sporting at all. The material did not ride up and it did not feel like you were exposing everything from the underboob down. The leggings, as you notice, also tend to cover up your body higher and when paired with a crop top, leaves you with a little sexy peek of exposed skin that isn’t too over the top. A high-waisted skirt such as any of their MATTE POCKET SKATER skirts would also look amazing with either of these pieces!!

I could not get over the vibrant colors of the Frankenstein leggings nor could I ignore the delicious pink of the crop top. If you look carefully, you can see dimensions added into each of the designs that really help the details POP on each piece. Although I wore these two pieces together for the photos (IT JUST MADE SO MUCH SENSE TO!), I spent my day in my Frankenstein leggings and a super comfy, oversized sweater I picked up for $5 at this sweet consignment store down the block from me. If I could, I would spend all day, every day in these leggings. That is how comfortable this is and why you see awesome leggings on the streets more and more often. The feel of each of these pieces rocked and I felt like a shiny nylon horror princess.

If you do decide to buy the catsuit (and I highly recommend you do), make sure you go a size up as well! While I usually jump between a small and medium, I was firmly in the medium range between my height. While catsuits are not something I naturally gravitate towards, putting it on was one of my favorite things of my shoot with Chris. It is like wearing a light piece of skin over your body, my movement was not deterred nor did I feel squished inside.This would be absolutely perfect with a killer pair of heels and some white streamers wrapped around your body for that sexy Halloween party you were dreading cause lets be honest..first, you are sick and tired of seeing the same *insert generic sexy costume* and secondly, there is nothing sexy about a decaying, mummified corpse..unless you’re clothed in the MUMMY RETURNS catsuit. Aside from your usual yearly haunts, you can also layer it with a tight little black skirt number and a baggy leather jacket to feel extraaaaa badass.

The robe that you see me wearing is another excellent piece I picked up a while back that features their famous GALAXY print. I wear it whenever I want to feel like a wizard and swoosh around like Severus Snape.

These PULP HORROR pieces (and SO MANY OTHERS) are absolutely perfect for Halloween or even to add a little spice in your closet when things seem a little too bland! I personally can see myself pairing those FRANKENSTEIN legs with a killer baggy sweater and before it gets too cold, the BRAAAINNS CROP TOP with my super flow-y witch’s skirt. As for the MUMMY RETURNS catsuit, I literally cannot wait to wear it for my next aerial hammock performance!

Black Milk is entirely based online so there are the usual forms of Paypal and credit card payment. It is super easy to navigate their website however, make sure you stay up-to-date on their release dates. Some of those pieces you spend hours drooling over will be gone in a matter of seconds once it is released onto the open market. Do not dismay, there are usually museum sales where you can find those super rare must-haves.

As for their return policy (not that you would need it but just in case), they will accept anything that is unworn and unwashed, meaning it must be returned without showing signs of wear (trying it on is a-okay!). If you do have to return something, you have two choices, either a full refund or 110% back in store credit. Even though I have never actually taken them up on this policy, this is pretty much the holy grail of all return policies! You not only get store credit back for the original cost of the item, but you get an additional 10% just for being you.

If you ever have any questions (whether it be sizing or just to cry about missing your dream piece) the good people of BM will be there in a split second to help you! Be sure to check out their other sweet collections including HARRY POTTER, STAR WARS, ADVENTURE TIME, and their new HOT MESS line featuring some adorable Harley Quinn and Riddler legs! The Sharkie community is wonderful and WE CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO JOIN US!!

(All images are taken by Chris Gampat of The Phoblographer)

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