As the weather gets colder and we delve deeper into the month of September, the only thing on my mind is that my favorite holiday is fast approaching, HALLOWEEN! This means mini candies, awesome movie marathons, wavy, wacky, inflatable arm creatures, cotton spider webs, and my personal favorite, snuggling up in some amazingly creepy finds with some excellent reads! Let’s take a look at some of the haunting pieces that are popping up on the interwebs for your buying pleasure as well as some crazy good reads to get you into the holiday spirit!

First off:

Whether you have brains on your mind or prefer sipping on some dark red, Black Milk’s all-new Pulp Horror line has the right fit for the budding serial killer in us all. Set to be released at 7pm (EST) on the 22nd of this month for those of you on my side of the coast, it features all sorts of delicious, gorey goodies such as braaaaainns leggings and an outrageous mummy catsuit. My personal favorite is the Cthulhu vs Haunted House Purple Inside Out Dress which was inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s malevolent monster on one side and the iconic Poe haunted house motif on the other. Pair this with a cozy sweater and take a bite out of Scott Synder’s second cycle of American Vampire or Brian Niles’ Frankenstein Alive! Alive! to explore your inner ghoul. However, be wary, many of these pieces are limited and will disappear FAST!


Another Halloween highlight is Poprageous’ new, otherworldly “Necroscape” skater dress, designed by artist Andrew Jarvis. Created as a tribute to the incredible life of H.R. Giger, this particular number embodies the holiday spirit with its nightmarish beauty. Poprageous has other must-have geek buys, such as the artist designed “Zombie Nouveau” legs by Megan Lara,  however, if you are settling into an Alien marathon or delving into a copy of Paul Cornell’s Saucer Country, this dress ensures you will be the most fashionable of all the alien abductees (or maybe even blend in). Be on the look out as well, there is more on the way in terms of Halloween gear from Poprageous that we will be featuring as well.


Who doesn’t want to take a chomp out of all the post-zombie apocalypse gear from Living Dead Clothing? The “Zombify” line features disturbingly adorable take on reanimated flesh in the world of Disney, as well as Oz, Pokemon, and the Sailor Senshi that perfectly satisfies any undead cravings anyone may have. The “Zombie Chu” satisfies all your aspirations of becoming the next undead Pokemon trainer while remaining insanely fashionable. Break out the leg warmers and curl up with Steve Hockensmith’s Dawn of the Dreadfuls. You’ll feel uber classy while thinking about the proper etiquette for zombie killing while maintaining your role as a proper hostess.

This is just the beginning of the spooky season, be on the look out for more fashionably chic gear as Halloween gets closer!

To really start making your fall atmosphere a little more spooky, check out Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods who makes creepy look like an artform over your morning of “Joe.”

– The Bookworm Fashionista

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