Kids and clown haters (yours truly included) beware, the official trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s IT was released earlier today. Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited after watching this.

A teaser trailer was released in late March, but this gives a much deeper look into the small town of Derry and the mysterious entity that is haunting the Losers’ Club. Although the 1986 novel got a mini series in 1990, this is the first feature length adaptation.

In an interview with Variety, director Andrés Muschietti (2013’s Mama) said:

““The story is the same, but there are changes in the things the kids are scared of.  In the book, they’re children in the 50s, so the incarnations of the monsters are mainly from movies, so it’s Wolf Man, the Mummy, Frankenstein [and] Dracula. I had a different approach. I wanted to bring out deeper fears, based not only on movie monsters but on childhood traumas.”

The film stars Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) and Bill Skarsgard (Hemlock Grove) as Pennywise.

Release date: September 8, 2017

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