Nothing will ever quite match (at least for now) the ’80s nostalgia you feel while watching Netflix’s Stranger Things. To go along with the hugely successful show and fond memories, artists have paid tribute to the show in many…unique ways (i.e. characters given a movie poster makeover and Demogorgon dildos).

To show his appreciation for the show’s second season, Brazilian artist Butcher Billy gave the 10 part season both a pulp novel and Atari cartridge makeover, highlighting the climax and memorable quotes of each episode in a series titled Stranger Tales 2.

credit: Butcher Billy

Stranger Things is basically what it would be like if someone entered inside my head, dragged all the stuff out and made a series about it,” said Butcher Billy in an interview with io9.

But this isn’t Butcher Billy’s first jab at giving a piece of pop culture a gritty makeover. He also put ’70s and ’80s love ballads onto a Stephen King inspired paperback cover, which you can check out here!

“The base for The Stranger Love Songs came when I noticed that the Stranger Things title intro was totally based on the typography used in the 70s [and] 80s novels by Stephen King. I redesigned the entire alphabet by hand, out of the vintage covers, so I could use it on that project. So, for the Stranger Tales, given the connection between King and the Netflix series, it was a natural progression to use that same typography and style.”

Take a look at the covers and game cartridges below. Want to check out each individually or purchase a print for yourself? Visit the gallery here!

credit: Butcher Billy
credit: Butcher Billy
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