“Time runs out.  Everything ends.  Let the Secret Wars commence.”

Marvel announced today their upcoming “Secret Wars” comic event will systematically end both the Ultimate and Marvel Universes as they have existed since 1961.

It will begin in Avengers #44 and New Avengers #33, and then continue into Secret Wars #1. The final incursion will take place, between the Marvel 616 universe and the Ultimate Marvel Universe, Comicbook.com writes.  The heroes of both worlds will fail to solve the problem before it’s too late.

And yes, we’re talking SECRET WARS, not Captain America: Civil War.

Here is the full video from the announcement today:

As a result, Battleworld will be all that remains, and every world in Battleworld that were teased months earlier will play a role in the formation of the new Marvel Universe, with more to be announced. Alonso makes clear that these are not “elseworlds” books, but integral to the very fabric of the “All-New Marvel” post-Secret Wars.

They also released the second official cover art by Alex Ross for “Secret Wars #2”.

alex ross secretwars 2

You can check out Battleworld on the official Marvel website here.

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