First of all, going into this film I wasn’t sure what this movie was. Was it a sequel to District B13? The title made it look completely unrelated, so maybe it was just a movie inspired by it with one of the same lead actors?
Turns out it’s an American remake of the original District B13, and for some reason re-using one of the main actors to play his character again, but this time his partner is recast as Paul Walker to make the movie more marketable. Weird way to remake a movie.
The movie is bad, so bad it’s laughable. The film is packed with horrible lines (“you don’t need to be a rocket scientist, you just need a rocket”), & clichés. The re-used main co-star David Belle always sounds like he was dubbed. Was his accent that bad during production? I’ve never been a fan of Paul Walker, his passing hasn’t changed that, so he didn’t stand a chance at saving this film, in fact he made it even more dull. This remake is really a watered down B13, including the action, and brief/completely forgettable parkour. If parkour wasn’t going to be a big feature of this film, what exactly was the point of re-using David Belle? I’m still boggled by this choice of recasting. For the record, I’m not one of those people against movie remakes, but Brick Mansions is just as much of an improvement over the original as it’s title, this really shouldn’t have been made.
To be completely honest, the only enjoyment I got out of this film is laughing at it, something I did often. So it’s hard for me to rate it considering I only enjoyed unintentional things about the movie, and my rating system is based solely on how much I was entertained. I’ll say this film isn’t even worth a rental.

I give Brick Mansions a 5 out of 10

(Score based on school grading in which 10-5 mean A-F, and 5-0 lets you know how badly it failed, just to rub it in)

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