Yesterday our dear friend Vonka Romanov got the chance to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie early. Here is what she had to say.

TMNT! Alright… How do I put this? It was entertaining! It was also… Free.

Some of the jokes were funny, a lot weren’t. It wasn’t for adults. There were a couple lines for adults but for the most part, this was a great movie to take your kids to. If you have children 10 or under who you’d take to a movie, take them. They’ll love it. But for you, it’s not actually a good movie. It’s just entertaining.

They modernized the jokes quite a bit to reference things like Lost, keyboard cat, and the recent batman films. It worked but it does mean that it’ll be outdated quicker.

It did not feel like the people were actually looking at 6ft tall turtles. Their eyes were often glossed over or looking in, just slightly, the wrong direction. The action scenes with Shredder were smoother, possibly because it was all computer generated.

There was an Asian woman in the Foot Clan (who most would know as Kari Shredder’s offspring) who had a lot of potential to be awesome but they did nothing with her. No backstory. No characterization at all. She was just around, whipping her partially dyed red hair back and forth aggressively, trying to snag some sort of quality that made Mako Mori popular and failing. She is by far not my only problem with The Foot. Don’t bother to think them through. It won’t make sense why they’re half ninjas/half navy SEALs. (except Michael Bay)

Michelangelo was also boarder line creepy…

Though in better news! Guardians is out tonight and from the 20 minute extensive look I got to see, it’s going to be AMAZING!

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