Japan L.A. is this absolutely adorable clothing company started as a way to offer the world cute things inspired by Japanese and LA pop culture. Roaming around their site (which is at least three hours worth of sighing over each item), I came across this amazing skater dress that crosses Hello Kitty with the Simpsons..


Basically, they transformed Springfield into Sanrio-ville and life has never been cuter. You can see Hello Kitty tucked in there among the residents of Springfield but also the Simpson cast revamped. Did we mention that it was 100% cotton so you know it is going to be super comfy!

mind_blownJapan L.A. offers other Hello Kitty items as well as a whole arsenal of characters to choose from. If you feel like losing yourself for a couple of hours, this is the place to do it.

Because we love you tremendously here at Aggressive Comix, we also combed the recesses of the internet to find you some deals post-shopping madness on this dress as well! Dolls Kill is offering the dress for $89 here! ENJOY!

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