For many of us, Disney introduced the first ideas of romance to our squishy, easily influenced brains. No one could really argue with the magical delights of Disney’s fairy tales, after all, who can refute with “true” love and tiaras, plus an opportunity for blissful silence? However, after finally growing up (which I found out sucks, no naps), I rewatched my favorite Disney tales. While the tunes were still catchy, and I was still envious of Ariel’s glorious hair, I could not help but wonder how many pick up lines arose from these movies and just how terrible they would be? How would these “Prince Charmings” navigate and survive our modern world?

Luckily, Buzzfeed answered the call into obscurity and created the following video showing us how Disney boyfriends would match up to the harsh glare of reality. Spoiler, they fail epically.

I imagine this is what it would be like to have Disney characters on Tinder, frightening. Belle would definitely not check any of these guys out.

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