Special Edition Comic Con!

We attended Special Edition NYC 2015 this weekend and while weren’t able to attend too many panels or meet with lots of people, I wanted to share my experience as it were.

What is SE: NYCC?

If you strip NYCC down to just Artist Alley add a few vendors and publishers…small signings and panels…at the end of it you have Special Edition NYC. It’s way more accessible and easier to justify if you live in the area and enjoy comics. You can come out, get stuff signed, do a little comic shopping and toy hunting.


Last year, SENYC was located in the far right side of Javitz Center. I did not have the good fortune to attend last year’s special edition.This year, SENYC moved to “Pier 94″. To be honest, in comparison to the Javitz center, it felt like a musty garage. I didn’t like that there were no water fountains to be found so at the end of the day if you walked the con like hours for everyone else….you found yourself terribly dehydrated and probably hurting for money. The only source of food or water was a small dining area in the back.

Artist Alley was what this convention was all about, and it’s was great. If you like meeting comic creators or getting your portfolio reviewed, this was a great opportunity.

Less exhibitors, lots of pop vinyls, and wall to wall artists. The crowd was manageable and cosplayers were few and far between. This was about the comics and the people that are brought together to make them a reality. If you’re into specific artists or guests or want to get that last comic in your collection signed…this was for you. For the rest of us…just wait for the main attraction this October.

For those that didn’t attend, enjoy the pictures below:








For more on SE: NYCC and this upcoming October’s NYCC, stay tuned.

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