NBC didn’t know what to do with their Constantine tv series, they really didn’t.  It was good, it was one of the best tv/superhero adaptations, and they sort of f*cked it over by moving the night (and time) it aired, and not trusting their audiences to stay with it for a second season.

There were many online campaigns about saving the doomed show, keeping Matt Ryan as the spell slinger, because really he’s the perfect John Constantine.  The NBC series had some small issues, the biggest one apparently being “too dark” for NBC’s programming heads.  But of course now, almost every network has a darker supernatural type demon hunter series.  Go figure.

Anyhow, fans of the series were hopeful the show would be picked up by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or the CW (home of the DC live action tv universe at this point).  Nothing happened though, and series runner Daniel Cerone did what he could to beat the drum on twitter and various social media platforms crying “#SAVECONSTANTINE” as loud as he could.

It would appear, according to DeadlineConstantine  WILL BE BACK, on CW Seed, as an animated series.  Matt Ryan voiced the English demonologist in an animated feature for DC Comics, “Justice League Dark” about the magic users of the Detective Comics lexicon.

Deadline says:

Greg Berlanti, who oversees the DC universe for the CW, is coming on board with his team as producers to oversee the new Constantine. They will be joined by David S. Goyer, co-creator executive producer of the original NBC series, as well as the original series’ producer Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.  CW Seed already is home of the existing Constantine NBC episodes, making an animated series a natural extension.

No word yet on any other returning cast or production team from the NBC series for this new CW Seed show, but we’re hopeful we MAY get more of the fabulous score from Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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