Holly Brooke here, interviewing Ani- Mia for Aggressive Comix.  I have been following Mia’s cosplay for some time online, and it has been awesome to see her evolve as a cosplayer!  She is an extremely talented and likable person, who has a costume for a nerd of any fandom! She also happens to be a cosplay favorite amongst the Aggressive Comix admins!


487553_495277047159961_1901918815_n1.       You have one of the most diverse cosplay collections out there. From video games, to anime, to comic books, to cartoons- you’ve done it all!  So what is the fandom you feel most passionately about?

It’s really hard for me to pick just one. I’m a long time reader of comics and am a huge movie buff so I tend to get a lot of my inspiration from there. I have also watched a lot of anime though I tend to be pickier on which ones I favorite. I grew up playing videos games but I feel I haven’t quite had the time to play as much lately (except for my 3DS which I can play while traveling). For me, it really just depends on the character or series in deciding what I want to cosplay. I want to create a costume for a character that I really care about.


198118_515748371779495_1896495423_n2.       Your popularity has been growing over the years.  Do you have a signature cosplay or photo to which you attribute your initial success?

I’d have to say that my first cosplay to end up all over the interwebz was the latex Rogue cosplay that I shot with Ron Gejon Photography. I wasn’t expecting the widespread reaction to the cosplay both positive and negative. Since then, my Supergirl got a lot of attention the next year and my most recent has been my Zatanna. It still amazes me when I see one of my costumes getting a lot of attention.


1175560_649712645049733_1907736086_n3.       You often have booths at conventions all over the country.  Which convention is your favorite to attend and what sets it apart from other conventions?

I have two conventions that are my favorites every year and mainly because they have nothing to do with working a booth. Don’t get me wrong, I love having a booth so that I can meet many of the people that follow my cosplay but SDCC and Dragon Con are the two conventions where I can get back to what conventions started as for me, meeting up with my convention friends and getting the scoop on my favorite obsessions.


DSC_0225-680x102414.       Cosplay is a hobby that involves obtaining new skills and continual improvement.  Is there a costume you made in the past that you would like to rebuild knowing what you know now?

Thre are a lot. Because I am constantly improving my skills, I am always looking back at my old costumes thinking, “I wish I knew how to do that back then…or why didn’t I think
of that before?” There are a few costumes that I really want to redo just because I love the character so much that I really want to do them justice. But then again, if I were do that for all of my favorites, I would never get new ones done and I have an ever growing list of ‘want to do’ cosplays.


1412385_677868468900817_1683999352_o5.       It’s the end of the world and you have to take on the apocalypse.  What type of enemy are you hoping to be the cause of global annihilation, and how are you going to save the world!?

You know, as much as I think a zombie apocalypse would be interesting, I think the most probable would be a robo-apocalypse; which is truly frightening. I’m thinking giant robotic soldiers that are both terrifying and yet adorably cute like Hello Kitty at the same time. How I would save the world….hmmmm? I think at that point, I would just be trying to survive. haha


-DSC_03866.       Do you have any comic book crushes?

My first was Skywise from ElfQuest, which was the first comic I ever read. And then after that it would have to be Gambit. And I’ve always had a girl crush on Rogue.


For more information on Ani-Mia, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ani.Mia.Cosplay
Instagram: http://instagram.com/animiaofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AniMiaOfficial

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