Holly Brooke here, interviewing everybody’s favorite villainous couple, Harley’s Joker and Joker’s Harley.  This cosplaying couple has rightfully gained the attention of batman lovers everywhere.  I have had the pleasure of bumping into them a few times at conventions in California, and they are as friendly as they are talented.

oKZVgqF1. Collectively you two are actors, artists, photographers… OH, and very talented cosplayers. Do you have any other secret talents hidden up those sleeves?

Alyssa can make incredible fudge, and I can eat incredible amounts of fudge.

2. You two have recently made a big move from southern California to the Big Apple. What east coast cons can we plan on seeing you at?

Oh gosh I have no idea yet. We haven’t really looked into that at all. Right now our priorities are sort of 1398091_617818508259782_227168315_ofocused on paying rent and maintaining our sanity, haha.

3. So we know that Harley’s Joker is involved in the Batman Chronicles, an upcoming fan-made web series following the adventures of Batman. Can we expect to see any cameos from our favorite hench-wench, Joker’s Harley?

Actually “Harley’s Joker”, the name of a facebook page, has no involvement whatsoever in “The Batman Chronicles” short film. Anthony Misiano however is playing the Joker in the film and also co producing. The film was shot in June 2013 and is being edited currently. It followed a very tight script Harleys-Joker3that didn’t have any great breadth of characters from the Batman universe, but instead focused on a more intimate story about a few key players. Also logistically, if it’s following the story of a young Batman, characters like Robin and Harley Quinn wouldn’t show up for many years to come.

4. Your incarnations of the Joker and Harley have been adored due to your use of rich fabrics and textures, as well as your irrefutable attention to detail. An often admired detail to your costumes is your ability to transform your faces with makeup and to deviate from the flat white appearance seen in many other costumes. So who has the makeup skills, and where did you harley-joker-american-gothic-by-cm2p1learn this wizardry!?

Thank you very much. We’re both lifelong artists and illustrators, I think that’s what really lends itself the most to our makeup work. I started playing with makeup in a “more creative way” before Alyssa, and have more practice, but being an artist herself it was a very easy transition to make using makeup as paint and a face as a canvas. That’s how you have to approach this sort of thing I think.

5. Within the last year, you two have started selling autographed prints. The most recent photo shoot was a holiday theme. Can we expect to see more seasonal shoots, perhaps a Joker and Harley calendar?

1491467_685911404775823_1940657490_oIt’s hard to say. We’d love to do more prints, but the initial cost on our end is kind of high, and sometimes prints just plain don’t sell. So maybe?

6. In issue #20 of Suicide Squad Harley’s Joker made a bit of a cameo! If you could have a choice, which Batman comic would you each be drawn into?

“Mad Love”. …of course…

For more information on Harley’s Joker, and to stay up to date with his latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HarleysJoker

For more information on Joker’s Harley, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JokersHarleyCosplay



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