Holly Brooke here, Interviewing Jean Gomez for Aggressive Comix.  I have had the pleasure of hanging out with Jean at a few conventions, and I am happy to say that she is my first Aggressive Comix cosplay profile feature!  Jean is a very talented and humble individual, who is as geeky as she is beautiful!



1.How did you start cosplaying? 

I started cosplaying a few years back, after seeing so many amazing costumes year after year at San Diego comic con. It was so inspiring that I decided to go for it.


JeanGomezBlackCat2.When was the first time you made a costume, and what did you make?

My first endeavor was Wonder Woman! I took gold craft paper, spandex and used a lot of hot glue  to keep it all together.


JeanGomezMorrigan3.What is your favorite convention to attend, and what sets it apart  from other conventions?

I really enjoyed attending Phoenix Comic Con! They have so many extra curricular activities and a “Geek Prom” that really makes it fun.


JeanGomezJessicaRabbit4.Given unlimited time, money and skill, are there any characters you dream of cosplaying?

I would love to have legit Mandolorian armor. I have seen some really beautiful pieces. I’m slowly starting to put my kit together.


603727_1176333449048984_8706334347160626298_n5.Are there any photographers or cosplayers you would like to work with in the future?

I’ve had the privilege of cosplaying with Jessica LG Cosplayer, I really look up to her craftsmanship and I would love to do another bigger and more elaborate cosplay with her.


10294490_488206951306976_7912427532407662491_n6.The convention gods are against you and for unknown reasons you can only bring one costume to the con, what are you bringing?

Black Cat! I absolutely love cosplaying as Felicia, and I get to chase down all the Spideys and grab pics with them.

559148_371098719649290_1216513228_n7.Star wars or Star Trek?

I appreciate both very much, but I’m a Star Wars fan to the core.

For more information on Jean Gomez, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeangomezcosplay
Instagram: http://instagram.com/jean_gomez_cosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jean_Cosplay


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