Holly Brooke here, interviewing Manzinat0r for Aggressive Comix.  I first stumbled upon Manzi’s work with her adorable Gadget cosplay from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Since then she has continued to impress with creative and cute projects that have undeniably good craftsmanship.  Take this chance to get to know Manzinat0r a little better!


gadget031.     Unlike many other cosplayers, you are a professional costumer and stylist working in the entertainment industry.  Can we look forward to seeing new original designs from you this upcoming year? 

Yes! I have a series of original fantasy costumes planned, one of which I’ve already started. I won’t reveal too much about it because as of now it’s still in the baby stages and I’m also unsure if I’ll have the time to tackle such a large project, but I really want to focus on original designs this year to show my ability as a designer. Right now my portfolio is mostly designs I’ve taken from other sources. I feel having stuff in my portfolio I’ve designed myself will be really beneficial.


333041_333946926692233_774166714_o2.  If you could cosplay anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I’d love to do a shoot in a castle someday! So, somewhere like Scotland or Ireland where locations like ancient castles and cathedrals are abundant would be a dream come true.


131218_ManziSonic_0490edit2small23.  Which costume have you learned the most from during construction?

This is a tough question, because I learn so much on every project. Perhaps the project I leveled-up on the most was the Aveline costume (from Assassin’s Creed 4) that I made for Sony for their PS4 launch event this past November. I made the costume with guidance from my supervisor over at Quantum Creation FX and learned so much from her over the course of constructing the costume. It was a great experience.



4.  Who is your biggest costuming inspiration?

Coleen Atwood, the academy award winning costume designer. I worked for her briefly last year and was blown away by her work. Another huge inspiration to me Thierry Mugler, the French fashion designer.


avelinecomp5.  When constructing a costume, do you prefer to sew, or to build armor and props?

I started with building props and armor because I didn’t have a great grasp on sewing (I only began sewing in 2009) so I initially felt more comfortable building. However I ended up having to do a lot of sewing for my job and it sort of forced meto practice, and I now prefer sewing to prop fabrication. It’s funny, I didn’t think my preference would shift so drastically but it has! I’d like to practice building armor and props more because now it’s definitely my weak point.


Nord-Skyrim-Helmet-4-2small6.  With many of your costumes stemming from the gaming world, I think it’s fair to assume you’re a gamer.  So what is your all-time favorite gaming system? 

I’ve always been primarily a PC gamer and still am, but my favorite systems from my childhood were the Sega Genesis and Playstation 1.

279709_135218263231768_4696440_o7.  Marvel or DC?



For more information on Manzinat0r, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/manzinat0r
Website: http://www.nihilistique.com

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