Holly Brooke here, interviewing Stella Chuu for Aggressive Comix.  Take this opportunity to get to know the Anime Princess of Burlesque a little better!

1960763_674035082661374_144506175_o1. You’ve had the chance to work with some amazing people including cosplayers Vampy Bit Me and Gina B, as well photographers Martin Wong and Anna Fischer. Would you like to give a shout out to any people in the cosplay community that you would like to work with in the future?

I’ve had the fortune of befriending successful cosplayers such as Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri. I’d love to work with them someday.


1008790_553393501392200_1563392632_o2. You have received a lot of recent attention for the Vaporeon Gijinka you cosplayed. Can you explain to some our less cosplay savvy Aggressive Comix members out there what a Gijinka is?

Gijinka is a fan re-design of an animal-like character into a humanoid. It makes it easier for cosplayers without needing to commit to a full body furry suit. My vaporeon was designed by Cowslip.


dangrrrstella3. On top of cosplaying you also have a substantial modeling portfolio, as well as a number of burlesque performances under your belt. So do you have any other secret talents hidden up your sleeves?

I’m a UI designer in my muggle life. I’ve worked on a number of iPhone apps and Android apps. Also, I’m one of the producers of Nerdlesque Festival on April3-6 in NYC which will bring performers from around the world.


1399257_603414576390092_1287208177_o4. You are well known for your burlesque performances, and have performed and produced shows all over the country. Did you start performing burlesque before cosplaying? How do these two worlds influence each other?

I’m known as the Anime Princess of Burlesque. I merge geek with striptease to create Nerdlesque. I’ve been cosplaying since high school but I started getting serious when I began performing burlesque. Some of my best acts are inspired by Tron, pedobear, Adventure Time, hentai, My Little Pony, and Firefly.


5. What would you consider to be your trademark 77075-3be0cc941261797185745f3e4e02d6b6fandom?

I’m not really sure which fandom I belong to. I am a fairly well rounded geek. Though I did run the anime club in college.


-DSC_03426. The convention gods are against you and for unknown reasons you can only bring one costume you have already made to the con, what are you going to bring?

Sakizou Knocker. It’s my favorite cosplay this year.


737549_465314800200071_178967538_o7. It’s the end of the world and you have to take on the apocalypse. What type of enemy are you hoping to be the cause of global annihilation, and how are you going to save the world!?

The PAX from Firefly. Everyone goes to sleep forever but 10% of the population becomes cannibalistic reavers. Hope I’ll have some grenades.


For more information on Stella Chuu, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stellachuuuuu
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/StellaChuu/videos
Instagram: http://instagram.com/stellachuuuuu

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