Holly Brooke here interviewing one of the Aggressive Comix sweethearts, Taffeta Darling!  Take this chance to get to know one of our favorites a little bit better!


photo.php1. Taffeta Darling, how did you come up with such an unforgettable alias?

The reference is from my favorite movie Young Frankenstein.


1533635_10202457839379938_654158500_n2. As the face for Aggressive Comix, you are often featured as the page’s cover photo or profile image. You are revered by the page’s fans not only for your adorable retro style, but for your nostalgic tattoo choices. Which tattoo of yours is your favorite? Any plans for an upcoming piece of nerd ink?

Although I don’t see it often, the huge tattoo I have on my back of Capt McCallister and Squidy from The Simpsons is my fave. I’m a huge fan of old sailor stories if giant squids and of course the Kraken and Cthulhu. I love all things nautical and mythos. I hope to finish my Beetlejuice cartoon characters soon. I’ve started the Sandworm and want to add more. and eventually start on my bioshock piece.


1555610_10202457832099756_18881065_n3. With a cosplay roster including Batgirl, Zatanna, Harley Quinn, and Two Face, is it safe to say that you are a big Batman fan? Which Batman story line would you want to see brought to the silver screen?

I am indeed a fan of all things Bats and Bat family. I’d love to see The Long Halloween done rightly.


1499697_10202457830259710_1356346643_n4. With at least 18 costumes under your belt; which costume is your favorite to don at a convention? Are there any costumes we should keep our eyes out for in the next convention season?

My favorite to wear by far is the Lisa costume from Weird Science. I debuted this last year and it’s still the most comfortable one I have. I’m currently working on a Teen Wolf costume for Alburqurque Comic con in two weeks. For Scifi Expo in Dallas next month I’m part of a huge Sugar Rush Racer costume group as Taffyta Muttonfudge and then also Alex Rogan from The Last Starfighter.


1543066_10202457848900176_520474496_n5. What has been you biggest fan-girl moment?

Ive had so many…I’ve interviewed George Perez, Adam Hughes, Neal Adams, Jimmy Palmiotti and Simon Bisley which were all incredible…the only thing to top this was meeting Kevin Conroy and him saying “I am vengeance. I am the night. I am BATMAN!” I nearly fainted.


For more information on Taffeta Darling, and to stay up to date with her latest costumes and convention line up please check out:


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